Living in Paraguay 2024

cross of three states borders

Today, we are talking about Paraguay as an alternative in 2024. We are going to focus on people who can particularly benefit from living in Paraguay. You can find a link to this article on youTube here: Paraguay for retirees The traditionally largest group includes individuals with a fixed and location-independent income, such as […]

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Paraguay YouTube channel

Flagge Paraguay

We are starting a new YouTube channel! The first video can be found here: What you always wanted to know about Paraguay This video is intended as an introduction, where we present the most important points about Paraguay in approximately 12 minutes of runtime. What speaks for Paraguay as a destination for emigration? For […]

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Important Update: Residency and Cedula in Paraguay

Frau Paraguay

Anyone who wants to live permanently in Paraguay or keep this option open for an uncertain future needs a residence permit. If you have applied for this permit before October 18, 2022, you are subject to Law 978/1996 under the “Residencia Permanente.” All applications after this date are subject to the new Law 6984/2022 under […]

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Interest rate and inflation in Paraguay

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An increase in prices over a certain period of time is referred to as inflation. In most countries, the respective central bank is responsible for this increase in prices. The key interest rate is also determined by these same central banks. Both instruments work hand in hand and thereby control the economy. For the euro […]

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New president in Paraguay: No shift to the left

Präsident Santiago Pena

In Paraguay, a new president was elected on April 30th. A new parliament, senate and state governors were also elected. Before the elections, there was great hope among leftist politicians in Paraguay, Europe and the United States that the left would score a great victory. However, voters in Paraguay had other plans, and the result […]

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Cars in Paraguay 2023

auto auf strasse

The car market in Paraguay is an important part of the country’s economy and has experienced significant growth in recent years. One of the main reasons for the growth of the car market in Paraguay is the increasing purchasing power of the population. In recent years, the country has experienced economic growth that has resulted […]

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The school system in Paraguay

Schulkind schreibt

The school system and education in Paraguay differ significantly from the US/EU in some aspects. Some of the most important differences are described below. School system in Paraguay The school system in Paraguay consists of elementary school (educación escolar básica) and secondary schools (educación escolar media). Attendance at elementary school is compulsory for all children […]

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Inheritance laws in Paraguay and Germany

2 Personen unterschreiben Testament

Inheritance laws govern the distribution of a person’s assets after their death. These laws differ from country to country, with each nation having its own unique set of rules and regulations. This essay will compare and contrast the inheritance laws of Paraguay and Germany. Codigo Civil Paraguayo Paraguay’s inheritance laws are primarily governed by the […]

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Real estate in Paraguay


If you have plans to invest in real estate in Paraguay, you might want to inform yourself well beforehand. Only those who know the basics about the real estate market in Paraguay can also make a good long-term decision. This applies to the purchase of a property in Paraguay for personal use and applies doubly […]

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World reserve currency USD about to be replaced, or not?

Treppe aus Dollar

If one follows the media reports of late about the rise of China or the BRICS countries, then the end of the supremacy of the USD as the world reserve currency seems only a matter of time. In this article, we will take a closer look at whether such a change is realistic or just […]

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