About us

On this page you can learn about the people who provide you with information and background knowledge about Paraguay.

We are my wife, Dr. Gabriela Urbanz, and I, Markus Haubenwaller.
We come from Austria and have been living permanently in Paraguay since 2009.
Our family includes our son Valerian, our older daughter Amber and little Maya.

We live in Mbocayaty del Guaira near the provincial capital Villarrica. It is about 30 minutes by car from the German colony Independencia.
The two older children completed six years of primary school here in the village (escuela basica) and now attend a private colegio in the village.
Maya was born in Paraguay and attends grade 1 primary school.

I have a commercial education (commercial academy and business administration) with practice since 1998 in customer service.

  • Until 2002 I worked as a key-account manager for a larger Austrian internet job market.
  • The last 15+ years as a self-employed internet entrepreneur, which ultimately led us to Paraguay in 2009
  • My private interests in self-defence and security are very useful in Paraguay.

Gabriela completed a technical degree and then did her doctorate in biotechnology.

  • Until 2002, she worked in the medical department of an international pharmaceutical company in Vienna, advising doctors in critical cases.
  • Since the birth of our son, she has shifted her interest away from career and towards family.
  • She speaks excellent Spanish and has lots of experience when it comes to health, children and family.