Real estate in Paraguay


If you have plans to invest in real estate in Paraguay, you might want to inform yourself well beforehand. Only those who know the basics about the real estate market in Paraguay can also make a good long-term decision. This applies to the purchase of a property in Paraguay for personal use and applies doubly to investment decisions.

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Real estate in Paraguay: a growing market

Paraguay is a fast-growing country in South America, and its real estate market is also growing rapidly. In recent years, Paraguay has become a popular destination for investors and expatriates due to its low cost of living and stable political environment.

The Paraguayan real estate market offers a variety of opportunities for both residential and investment properties. As the country develops and its economy grows, demand for real estate is expected to continue to increase.

Advantages of investing in Paraguay

  • Low cost of living: Paraguay has a very low cost of living compared to other countries in the region. This makes the country an attractive option for retirees and people looking for an affordable lifestyle while seeking high returns on investments of 10%+ per year.
  • Stable political environment: Paraguay has a stable political environment and currency. This stability is attractive to investors who want to invest their money safely.
  • Growing Economy: Paraguay has a growing economy with a strong focus on agriculture, livestock and more recently forestry. This growth is expected to continue, benefiting the real estate market.
  • Easy process for foreigners: Paraguay makes it easy for foreigners to buy real estate. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership. Residence permits and cedula in Paraguay are also relatively easy to obtain and the procedure is straightforward and transparent.
  • Infrastructure development: Paraguay is investing in its infrastructure and new roads, bridges and buildings are being built. This has a positive effect on the real estate market, as it becomes easier for people to move around and access real estate.

Different types of real estate in Paraguay

Residential Real Estate: Paraguay offers a variety of residential properties, including apartments, houses and villas. Many of these properties are located in gated communities that offer additional security and amenities.

Agricultural Real Estate: Paraguay is known for its agriculture, and many investors are interested in purchasing land for farming or ranching.

Advantages of investing in rural real estate

The real estate market in Paraguay offers some of the most affordable land prices in South America, making it an attractive option for investors. Paraguay has abundant natural resources, including fertile land, forests and water sources, which make the country ideal for agriculture and livestock.

Paraguay has a growing agricultural industry focused on soybeans, corn and livestock. This growth is expected to continue, benefiting the rural real estate market.


Paraguay is a fast growing country with a stable political environment and a growing economy. The real estate market offers a variety of opportunities for both residential and investment properties and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. With its low cost of living, easy procedures for foreigners and developing infrastructure, Paraguay is an attractive option for investors and expatriates.

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