Obtain your residency and Cedula Paraguay with ParaguayProfis

Admisión Permanente de Paraguay

The preparation in the home country

Compared to the unaided process you will notice that it is much easier in a team!

The advantage already starts during the preparation phase in your home country.

  • You can use our expertise at any time and receive precise instructions on what needs to be done.
  • Once the documents are certified with the “Apostille” in your home country, we will do all the work here in Paraguay for you.
  • Only exotic and/or uncommon languages (Finland, Thailand etc.) need to be translated in your home country.
  • If there is a certain time pressure, because you want to complete everything during a short stay, we will make it possible.

Birth Certificate

The first document we will need is your birth certificate.
For most countries you may want to apply for an “International Birth Certificate”.

Important! The name on the birth certificate must be EXACTLY the same as the name in your passport!
If this is not the case – maybe you got married or divorced – we will need additional documentation, such as:

  • Marriage certificate/divorce decree with Apostille
  • Document about the change of name with Apostille

As part of our service we will guide you through the entire process step by step.

Criminal records or police clearance certificate

The next document is the Criminal records or police clearance certificate

This police certificate of good conduct for the past 5 years should be issued for presentation abroad and certified with an apostille. It is valid for 180 days.

Children under the age of 14 are not yet of criminal age and cannot have a criminal record. Therefore, this document is not required for children under 14 years of age!

If you find entries of previous convictions in your criminal records, you should inform us in advance about the type and duration of the conviction! Depending on the specific entry and the duration of the conviction, your residence permit in Paraguay might still be possible!

Important! If a penalty has been paid (or is time-barred), we absolutely need a confirmation from the court! Partial payment agreements are not helpful, the sentence must be served or paid in full. No application for the residence permit can be made during an active probation period.

Additional documents that not everyone needs

Are you married? Or divorced? Or widowed? The respective document must also be certified.

Do you have children? If you travel to Paraguay without the second biological parent (according to the birth certificate) with a child, then you must have a written (!) declaration of consent from the other parent. This must be certified and translated like all other documents.

For additional documents there are extra costs of USD 69,- per document.

As part of our service we will guide you through the process step by step.


To enter Paraguay you need a valid passport.

Proof of legal entry into Paraguay (the stamp in your passport for most) is a requirement.

For some countries a VISA might be necessary.


Knowing the local language is recommended in any case when emigrating.
But since we do all the steps together, you will reach your goals without any problems, even without Spanish.

Proof of your place of residence in Paraguay

In contrast to the solo player this does not cause any effort for you at all!

We will take care of it 100%.

Criminal records from Paraguay for foreigners

In contrast to the solo player this does not cause any effort for you at all!

We will take care of it 100%.

Statutory declaration

What is still missing is the affidavit, in the original with a certified copy. Herein you agree to comply with law N° 6984/2022, the Constitution and the laws of Paraguay.

We will take care of it 100%, you only have to sign it at our notary.

Authorization to collect and process your documents

Since we are all at the notary together, now is a good time for the power of attorney. We are then in a position to ask Migraciones about the status of your application and to collect the completed documents. We will then keep them safe until you return to Paraguay. Or, if you wish, we can send your documents (Migraciones will also return the originals after the residence permit has been issued) to your home country with DHL Express. This will cost Eur 129,- for germany/austria/Switzerland; prices for other countries upon request.

Application for “Residencia Temporaria” at Migraciones

Now that we have all the documents we can submit the application for the “Residencia Temporaria” permit at the main migration office “Migraciones”. Under the new law N° 6984/2022 (effective since october 19th 2022) you will now first receive a temporary residence, valid for 2 years. After this initial period of two years, application for the “Residencia Permanente” becomes available. This is a seperate application process and will require another visit to the country.

Once the application is submitted, the documents are checked for completeness and the presence of all stamps. You will now receive the “Mesa de entrada”. With this document, the authority confirms your application and you may legally stay in the country. When the “Mesa de entrada” is handed over, our fee is to be paid in full and in cash.  If possible in the national currency “Guaranies”.

The money

The price for your residency permit with Paraguayprofis is USD 1.398,- per person plus USD 69,- per additional document (as explained above), payable in cash upon receipt of the “Mesa de entrada” on the day of application.

We will accept new USD 100 bills in good condition or the corresponding amount in the local currency “Guaranies”. The daily exchange rate in Asuncion applies.

As an alternative option a payment in Bitcoin is also possible.

The import of U$/EUR 10,000 in cash into Paraguay per person over the age of 18 is possible without any problems and without any customs declaration.


On the day of application we will pick you up at your hotel and do all the listed steps together and in a single day. How is that possible? This is possible because we do as much preliminary work as possible without you, since we consider your time to be very valuable. You will only have to do what is absolutely necessary; such as for fingerprints, photos or signatures!

  • The fees payable at “migraciones” for the residence permit are about 450,- USD per person and are already included in the package price!!!
  • All other expenses such as notary or translations are also included in the package.

Package “PLUS” for your Cedula de Identidad

Those who do not want to travel to Paraguay a second time to apply for the “Cédula” can save themselves a lot of time and money. With the “PLUS” package, we do all the preparatory work on the day of application and you will receive the “Cedula de Identidad” in addition to the residency permit. The “PLUS” package costs USD 399,- extra per person and includes all costs for applying for the Cedula.

 The application for the “Residencia Temporaria” is completed within about 11-12 weeks.

*According to the policies and laws in force at the time of application. We have no influence on retrospective changes to the legal basis (such as changed regulations regarding entry into the country).