Residency in Paraguay – permanent residence permit

Residence Permit for your residency in Paraguay
(La Radicación Permanente)

One of the first steps in moving to Paraguay is usually to apply for a permanent residence permit.
This residence permit, under Migration Law N° 978/96, is issued to foreign citizens who wish to settle in Paraguay.

This document is relatively easy to obtain and allows you to live, work and also leave and re-enter the country in Paraguay. Just as you wish and for an unlimited period of time!

The residence permit – such a practical document is very hard to find a second time in the whole world.
Even if you never want to live in Paraguay, such a permanent residence permit can still be the best investment of your life.

If ever a crisis hits your home country, with this document you will always have a place to go.

When you have your residence permit in hand, two things are important to you:

  1. You practically never have to show this document.
  2. This document is important and the cost if lost is high.

Therefore a good advice from me; keep your “Admisión permanente” safe!
Do you have a fireproof safe or a safe deposit box – then this would be the perfect place!

If you want to learn more about applying for your residence permit, click here.

Identity Card Paraguay / Cédula de Identidad

The “Cédula” is usually applied for directly after receiving the residence permit. The document is valid for 10 years and is usually included in the price of the “immigration documents”.

This ID is not essential for living and your residency in Paraguay, but it makes many things much easier. The more you want to actively participate in life in Paraguay, the more often you will pull out your “cédula”. If you have a job here, you will know your cédula number (CI) by heart after one year at the latest, that’s how often it is required.

If you only want to invest your money in Paraguay or if you live as a pensioner in the area of a German colony, you may be able to get by quite well without a cédula (only with your passport) and even almost without Spanish.

Unlike a permanent residence permit, your “Cédula” is a document that you will show often. Most people carry their “Cédula” with them almost all the time.

If you ever lose your cédula, report it to the National Police immediately! The good news is that it can be reissued relatively easily and inexpensively.

If you would like to learn more about applying for a cédula, click here.