Money, banks and finance

It’s about money

Paraguay is a very beautiful country. A lot of people emigrate each year to live in Paraguay. Even more people use Paraguay as a backup plan just in case. Others take advantage of the tax code and/or want to invest their money with good returns of about 10% per year.

All these plans have one thing in common: It’s about money.

Cedula is ready, what now?

Once the residence permit is granted and the cedula is made, the next step for many is to open an account with a bank or cooperativa. Since the beginning of 2020, this step has become a lot more complicated. Only very few banks in Paraguay are still willing to grant accounts for emigrants in 2022.

The stock exchange in Asuncion offers many possibilities

Compared to cooperatives, the risk is lower, since companies listed at the Asuncion stock exchange are constantly audited and have a better credit rating. In addition, these securities can also be sold during the term, which is not possible with fixed deposits through banks or cooperatives. In short – the stock market is a very elegant way to move medium to large life savings to Paraguay and secondly to get excellent returns with manageable risk.

More about this is found in our book “Investor Guide Paraguay

Company formation in Paraguay

If you want to do business in Paraguay, you have the right to do so with a residence permit and cedula. The team of Paraguayprofis also includes a contador (tax consultant), with whom we apply together for a personal tax number RUC for you at the tax office. If you have bigger plans, we can also establish your own corporation (S.A.). You can find more information about this on the page: Incorporation in Paraguay.

There are still questions

If there are still open points that you would like to clarify with us, then you have the opportunity to benefit from our experience in 10+ years in Paraguay during a personal consultation. We have been able to help many people with their emigration to Paraguay.