Apostille from Germany is now valid in Paraguay!

Since 26.01.2022 the Apostille of Germany is accepted in Paraguay

Since Wednesday, 26.01.22 it is officially confirmed by Paraguay! From now on all documents from Germany can be certified with the “Hague Apostille”. This is a big step for the people from Germany, because now it is much easier and faster to get the documents authenticated for Paraguay. The apostille replaces the over-certification and the time-consuming legalization by the diplomatic representation of Paraguay. With an apostille, documents from Germany are fully authenticated for use in Paraguay immediately.

What is this apostille and why is it important?

The “Hague Apostille” is based on the Treaty of The Hague of October 05, 1961 and regulates the confirmation of the authenticity of public documents. This treaty currently has 117 member states and simplifies the recognition of documents from one member state in any other member state. A single stamp, the so-called “apostille”, is sufficient to confirm the authenticity of a document between member states.

The “long diplomatic chain” can be eliminated

With the introduction of the apostille, the need to authenticate documents through the “long diplomatic chain” is eliminated. For all readers from Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Slovakia, France, Poland and many other countries this has been the usual way for years. Only Germany and Paraguay have been mutually unwilling to accept the apostille of the other country. Especially the emigrants from Germany had a certain disadvantage compared to a Swiss or Austrian. Especially in the second half of 2021, there was a peak in applications at the Consulate of Paraguay in Frankfurt. As a result, the processing time for the legalization of documents increased to about 12 weeks. This time-consuming step has been eliminated without replacement effective immediately.

Application for residence permit and cedula

For the application of residence permits and cedula, a lot has changed with this new regulation.

The legalization via the consulate in Frankfurt or the embassy of Paraguay in Berlin is no longer required!
Also the so-called Überbeglaubigung of e.g. birth certificates by the regional council is no longer necessary.
For German documents the Apostille is now sufficient as sole certification!

The Apostille is valid in both directions

Documents from Paraguay are now also certified for use in Germany with the “Apostilla de la Haya”.

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